The guitars all sound nice, and so do the vocals. I can't figure out who the vocals remind me of, but it is someone. The cadence of the vocal pitch is reminiscent of Bob Dylan (don't worry, I don't think the vocals are pitchy), otherwise don't they sound like Dylan at all. The synths are nice too. Nice tune! Please review my music at this link:
Great Song! Very mellow stonery sound. It's really well produced and your melodies fit the theme of your lyrics well. I really liked your descriptions in the first verse. If I was going to give a criticism you need a better ending, even if it's just letting the final note ring out. But I guess that's just personal preference, i'm not a fade fan.


First thought: Fantastic voice. I'm very jealous. Can I have it? I'm in love with it. The harmonies work really well and I like how it constantly evolves and builds layer upon layer. Kind of reminds me of a Danish band called Lowly in a laid-back version. Not much to say as the song just works really well as a complete package despite the repetitive nature of it. So good job, hope your band will do it justice!

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