Thank you for the reviews! Now your tune: strong/very good vocals! The intro of the song sounds rather unique; not sure if it is bass or guitar making that bizarre (wah-wah?) swelling sound (I think it works better on the intro than towards the end; though I like it at the very end). Assuming the drums are real, they sound good, because I know real drums are difficult to record. Guitars/bass are very good, except as already noted. Overall, this song rocks!
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Thanks for sharing this track with us.

Imperfect is a dynamic rock track that pulled me in right away with the bass intro. You have a nice voice. I thought the vocal doubles were very complementary. At certain points, though I felt like the vocals were over-powering the other instruments (this may simply be what you were aiming for). I enjoyed the note choice and progressions guitar-wise here, at different parts, I got the vibe of country, blues, and rock.

Here are the specific points in the track that caught my attention:
0:00 - 0:10 I'm a sucker for bass intros. I dig the simplicity of it.
0:18 Vox come in with a lot of power
2:17-2:36 I really enjoyed the riffing here.
3:17 - 3:28 The leads felt a little drowned out by the rhythm guitar here

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First off, I am madly in love with that bass intro, when paired with the drums it creates a nice driving groove that the rest of the song does not disappoint to deliver on.
The vocals are fantastic as well, strong to the very end with some great harmonies.
I like the effect choices on the guitar too, not a lot of sounds I can say I've heard often in this style, but they pay off without a doubt.
Overall it's a really solid song. Great work!
Hello, thanks for the criticism!

The vocals in your track are great; well-recorded with great harmonies. I really love the heavy effects on the guitars especially on the leads. Personally, the vocals are too loud and they cover the rhythm guitar.

Overall, Imperfect is a great track.
The vocals are great, you've definitely got a decent voice. But I think they are a little loud in the mix - especially early.
Thats the major thing that makes it sound a little amateurish in my opinion.

The vocals sit much better just before the solo. That section is great.

The guitar solo tone is a little too dry I think, maybe reverb or delay would help it sit and gel better. Maybe turning it down just a tiny bit would help too.

Overall it's a solid track, great work. Writing and composition are both good.

Alternatively, the rhythm guitar tracks could be turned up a little bit, or given a tone that helps bring them forward in the mix a bit more. They can get a little drowned out at times.
RIP Gooze

Meaty monster bass sound. The drums are a bit weak and distant. The vocal is excellent, strong and passionate and expressive, driving the track forward with energy and verve. The harmonies need to be mixed and blended better.
The song is fine, but the main feature is the superb lead vocal, which shows a major talent and should find commercial success if used properly.
The lead guitar work is excellent. The tones are a bit dull, but the creativity and playing is cool, tasteful, and fits and compliments the rest of the music.
The sound effects work well to.
Repeated listening adds to the charm of this song, which now seems clever and catchy and snappy, with a poppy charm to add to its grungy rock base.
Lots of talent here guys, all the right ingredients for artistic and commercial success. All that's lacking here is a fully professional mix, but even with this mix, which is still good enough, the raw talent and musicianship of this great band shines through,,,,
First off, your voice works really well for this type of music. The drums don't sound too tight, and I'm not really fond of the hats, but I can see where you're going with it. As said, it's got a cool "poppy" layer on top of its grunge base. And, although I'm pretty much repeating what Jathon said at this point, your talent shines through the mediocre recording (and if this is just for demo purposes, that's all that's needed!) and I hope people will start to pay attention. I'd go to your concert if you played near me that's for sure!

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