Thanks! I was thinking of New Beginnings and Acoustic Medley, but I think I think I like New Beginnings more. Good suggestion.
Hey bbzswa777!

Thanks for your comment in my thread. I totally concur with everything.

Your video looks and sounds very professional. In terms of guitar playing this is way better than anything I would be able to do with my guitar, so I'm in no place to critcize your playing.

As a suggestion, I understand that you doubletracked some parts of the song (or sometimes you play harmonies) but on my speakers the sound isn't as thick as the one on the original track by In Flames but then again it is a matter of production rather than playing/performing, I guess.

All in all, this video demonstrates that you are a confident performer who can interpret a piece really well and that I believe why you uploaded it in the first place.
I really appreciate it. I think you have a point about the production and tone. Someone else told me that I should "hard pan" the guitars, and I didn't know what that meant so I had to look it up lol. So my recording skills could definitely use some work, but like you said, at least that has nothing to do with my playing! :-)

Thanks again.