Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anybody had any experience with installing a Bigsby on a Fender Telecaster?

I've Bigsby tailpieces on my two other main guitars, and it's a rather important part of my live playing so I'm keen to get one on the Tele.

I've seen the Vibramate kits that are for sale, they look to do the job but obviously don't look quite the same, with all that additional metal.

Also for sale in my local store is the official Bigsby "F logo" Tele conversion kit.

Any experience with the Vibramate out there? I'm certain I want the Bigsby on there, and the V/M offers an advantage of removing it if it doesn't suit, without screw holes or affect to the guitar's aesthetic.

Or would it be worth getting the official Bigsby Tele kit, and bringing it to my luthier for installation followed by set up.

I played a custom shop Tele with Bigsby in a guitar store last week, and that held tune superbly, but obviously that's Custom Shop and not an American Standard.

Any thoughts or experience out there on Bigsby converted Teles?

Many thanks,

The vibramate kit will save you a lot of hassle, since you need to drill holes into the body for the bridge on the normal bigsby kit.

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I find the Tele Vibramate kinda ugly (though in a rather charming way), but imo it's more than worth it to be able to stick a Bigsby on your Tele without any chance of losing out more than the cost of the mod itself (which is already a fair bit).

I'd combine the addition of a Bigsby on any guitar with a nut replacement, for what it's worth. Something slippery like Tusq XL.
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Without a roller bridge it will suck. At least that's my experience. Even my stock Gretsch with Bigsby sucked until I replaced the saddles with rollers.
Thanks for the advice, guys. K33nbl4d3, I think that a new nut is a great shout. I do feel the same about the Vibramate, it has a particular charm.

Vibramate a specific 3 saddle bridge for the Tele mod, it seems to get good reviews.

I'll post back when I've purchased, with my results.
Ooh, both sides of the argument getting a good airing here.

Cost has worked out at around the same. To buy the Bigsby Tele Conversion kit (plus install) or the vibramate.

I have been considering the permanent install, but I've noticed the B5 Kit comes with a Jazzmaster style bridge, the one with the tiny grooved saddles, in the past I've had trouble with this style bridge on a JM, as have many. Always swapping out for a Mustang bridge.

Reckon that it wont have as much of an impact, because the bridge will be so close to the B5, giving greater string tension? Or, go the whole hog and buy a mustang bridge?

Many Thanks, JW