I was wondering if someone could identify the tuning used in this short clip: https://vimeo.com/16586591

Also, this is the entire song of that clip (dont have to listen to the whole thing) : https://youtube.com/watch?v=_8CJ5RxJVcQ

Im not really sure if they're using the same tuning or not in those videos, I think in the first one its a half-step down from standard, but im not sure. I tried it and it didn't sound that similar. I would greatly appreciate it if somone would help me with this.
I was the one who actually made that tab (as you can see in my username, along with some other guy) although I did say it was standard tuning, I think it may be different. I've played it multiple times on my guitar and I think there has to be something different in the tuning, which is why I asked. Im still kind of a noob at this as you can probably tell. I also want to know so the tab can be more correct
You could play it in any tuning. I couldn't hear any notes lower than a low E so standard will be fine.