fear to become replaceable
to never amount and watch the crowd.

Eyes burden clouds of emptiness.
walk away the deserts patch of sun.
wash away a luminescent swarm
of doubt and self pity.

I've cherished these like a security blanket
or a curtain of hair to hide behind.

Ill hold you down
push you against the wall
grab your neck and force you to look into my eyes
to unburden me with my thoughts.
something you could never remember
ill transfer my thoughts into you.

sight is an umbilical cord
it connects us as one.

i mean i kindof like it but i keep thinking about the dog. shot twice in a week in two different poems. sad.

love is a dog from hell.

It´s a bit mushy in a sense that it goes from inside dilemmas to an outside mehish romantic thingy, but it has its moments, i like the image of sight as an umbilical cord