Yeah just omit the two wires coming from the switch. Also remember to wire the treble cut cap as it hasn't been drawn in. The selector switch is wired a little odd.. it'll work but there's no need to use both poles like that.
These go to eleven...
I'm curious what the expander switch does on this actually.

for 2 band EQ this works 100%. Ignore the 7 way mod in this if you don't have any push pulls or mini toggles. I've put this in many strats. The 7 way mod makes the outer 2 or all 3 pickups work at the same time.

you can go 0.01 to 0.1uf for the tone capacitors to cut treble
I've experimented a bit with the fender greasebucket mod by going with 0.15uf for one half and a 0.033uf capacitor so they aren't as set in stone as I thought. Still a really cool mod to try on guitars as both cut bass. This one retains the resonant peak, cuts bass, just off the top of my head kids or other forum people said it tightens the lows and adds clarity to hot and or muddy pickups at high gain.
Tallwood13, how did I know you'd chime in with some information non-related to the original question. I realized the neck on switch was a little different but it's being removed anyway so that's irrelevant. Also the OP submitted a diagram consisting of bass and treble cut pots so that is usually what is desired.
These go to eleven...
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its a forum...we... you know ... discuss ideas? If it wasn't for that mini toggle switch I'd be like ok someone has this.

Regardless of if the switch is being removed or not I was curious as it's something I'm unaware of so I'd love to know if it has any real purpose to potentially add to stuff I'd be considering in the future. Anyone want to chime in and tell me or are we here just to bitch and dick measure.

the greasebucket to my knowledge is a bass cut as well. If anything he can take it as reassurance. I tried tonefiends one based on a G&L circuit and liked this one more.
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It was specifically framed as a quick question. If you want to discuss something else, make your own thread. Don't mess up someone else's, again, by posting your thoughts about a completely different wiring diagram.

I don't know why this is so hard to understand. This is a discussion forum, but that doesn't mean you should show up and unilaterally "discuss" anything that floats into your mind. You alone seem to be confused about what constitutes helpful information here. Maybe a blog is a better format for you.