But can a guitar play in multiple tunings? I recently purchased a ESP LTD 401 EC FM. I want to down tune it all the way to a B standard for Fear factory stuff. But yet still want to play it in standard tuning as well when I want. I just got back into playing. I'm learning songs on Rocksmith 2014. And a lot of the songs are in diff tunings.

Reason why I'm asking cause once I go passed drop d tuning. I get fret buzz pretty bad. I'm thinking it could be my set up too. It has jumbo frets with XL strings on it right now.

Spoke with my local guitar shop guy and he said no. That most guitars are made only to play in a few different tunings than what they are set for. And not a huge difference of what I'm wanting.
Yeah, B standard is literally baritone territory, a standard 6 string is not really designed to go down there. I suggest sticking around standard tuning and perhaps look at buying a baritone guitar
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