So I saw this guitar listed on facebook in a local group for instrument sales and trades. The kid selling it had thought it was from the 1980's, however from what I was able to gather, it was actually from the 1970's or 1960's. The guitar only says "Chester" on the headstock, and I was able to find a site documenting a 1972 National Telecaster FT440-2 (TC-51) Guitar. It looks identical except the color and the name. It seems Chester was a German distributor, while National was a different one. They seem to have been made in Japan and then branded with whatever name in relation to where they were sold. (Kind of like the Gibson/Baldwin line sold at Target, Walmart etc all being the same guitars but called Maestro, Epoch, Signature etc depending on what store).

Anyway, I'm having trouble finding any definitive information, other than the model TC-51 refers to a copy of a 1951 Telecaster. I am including a couple photos. And it appears to be all original except for the tuners. Any information, and possible estimation of value would be a huge help! Thank you.
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You might contact Vintage Guitar magazine (www.vintageguitar.com) to see if there's any value *at all.*

Do NOT make the mistake of assuming that because a guitar is old, it has vintage value. For 99% of old guitars, that's simply not the case. In the late '60's and early '70's, most Japanese imports were cheap junk,with only a few Tiesco bits and pieces having achieved some vintage interest (though not much vintage value).
I have no intentions of selling it, and I've got a pretty good knowledge on guitars, but this particular brand seems to be hard to get information on. I was just curious if I got a decent deal since the same model branded under the name of National have sold for $300-$350. I like it a lot and I love the unique sound it has.
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70s most probably but not 60s. japanese copies really didn't start until early to mid 70s.
Some of the exact same bodies branded with Raven and National on the heads were dated back to 1968. A black National was dated at 1972. So its probably somewhere in there. I'm just curious to know as much about it as I can because I plan to keep it and I'm sure plenty of people will be asking about it because of its look.
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