Hello, what software are you using to combine video and soung of your playing? i want to record something for youtube! thanx
Depends on the approach you want to use. In some cases I've used Windows Live Movie maker but I've captured the sound in a recording program like Audacity and recorded the video and room sound via a phone or cam, then I combine in Live Movie maker and drop the cam sound.
Now I switched to this for the more advanced editing but the work method is the same:
As above.

Any video editing software which displays the sound as a bar of peaks and trough's should work fine.

If you record the sound on the video as well it should then just be a matter of matching the peaks and troughs. It is standard practice to use a loud single sound (clap) at the start to make this easier.

Subject to the length of the recording (and how professional your gear is) the timing accuracy of the recording and video may vary and drift out of syncronicity as playback progresses. Best soliton is to video some cut aways which will allow you to edit gaps into the main video and shunt the clip to resynchronise.
Please note: The above comments are based on my experience, and may represent my perception of that experience. This may not be accurate and, subject to the style of music you play, may be irrelevant or wrong.
I use Abobe Premiere. I recently recorded a night of my band playing on my Tascam 2488 which allows 8 tracks simultaneous recording. I used a few spit boxes to get direct mic feeds to the recorder. It is the most elaborate audio/video recording I have done to date and was quite a learning experience. I used two SJ4000 mini cameras (Go Pro clones). I imported and edited the video then I imported the audio wave file from the Tascam and was able to sync the two rather easily by visually matching the wave files. For my first experiment I was quite pleased with the result. (Now the actual performance is another matter. I was not as proud of that.)
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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