Hi all hope I'm not too late on learning at 32,I've been looking fort a first guitar and came across this http://www.dawsons.co.uk/farida-d8-x-op-acoustic-guitar
Its seems a good deal and gets a good review for a starter guitar to learn with but its reviewed from dawsons themselves .

My other option is one of many from http://m.guitarguitar.co.uk/
They have quite a few. Some come with picks and tuners ect.

Hope someone could take a couple of minute and point me in the right direction
Never too late to learn.
The best thing to do is go to a guitar shop and buy one that feels and sounds right.
Remember, just because she's pretty doesn't mean she's not riddled with std's
sorry that was meant for another site, but the same idea goes for guitars.
Check out yamaha' fg 300 (red label ) they made them back I late 60s as a knockoff to the Gibson Hummingbird. They are super great guitars and if you can find a used one in good shape you won't go wrong. That's just my opinion and it's worth everything you paid for it.