while we're at it, what brand of baking soda is best?
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tdk. back in the day at least, haven't used blank cds in like a decade maybe lol.

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while we're at it, what brand of baking soda is best?

Dr.Oetker for me but they are pretty much all the same.

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lol who even buys cds these days
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I haven't used a blank CD in many, many years, but if I had to i'd go with Memorex Cool Colors.
I used to use those a long time ago and it's nostalgic.

I used to make a lot of CDs lol.
Which brand of blank videotapes are the best and also which brand of VCR is the best?
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what's a cd?

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They're all exactly the same. Some might have lower capacities and speed than others but you can just read that on the label. But I think most of them are the same now anyways. Even DVD+R and DVD-Rs are the basically the same, but some ancient devices might not read DVD+R.
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Sony, Memorex. Been a long time since I've purchased any of those.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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use cassette tapes brah

better than vinyl ...

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Closing this because I'm pretty sure you already asked in the Recording forum and we all told you it pretty much won't matter - you aren't gonna hear a difference, unless you're in the top 0.1% of mastering engineers with heroic-level hearing (and even then, who knows if they could even tell any difference).
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