I put my amp(s) in the passenger side of my vehicular transport device when I have to take them somewhere. Both the VK and the AC30 have spring reverb units. I've noticed the unsettling sound of the springs clanging about throughout the entire ride.

I'm just curious if this is something bad that I shouldn't do, or maybe something that doesn't really matter. I haven't seen anything about it really. I imagine eventually the springs would wear, but I don't know if it's enough to worry about.
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Spring reverbs can break if you shake them around too much. You'll probably get away with it but 'twer it me, I'd sit a cushion underneath it.
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stay off bumpy roads . i live in the country and the roads here are crap plus you can drive pretty fast. never heard the springs rattling in either of my amps (both peaveys). i usually put them in the back set with a blanket or coat over them and tehy ride fine.
i have had one unit die in the last 12 years. i don't even know if that was why.

i have heard the clanking and rattling and i hated it, i always worried about it. that was when i had a trans am, and i did a lot of work on suspension, and it rode really hard.
Nearly all my amps had spring reverb and they have been gigged from mountains to desert without ever having one fail. Never ran the Baja 1000 with an amp in the truck but that might just kill it. Dropping them hard is probably the best way to end their life. Not a terribly expensive fix if one does break.

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I've been carrying amps with spring reverbs around in cars and trucks for over 40 years, never trashed one yet. The only reverb unit I ever trashed was one I screwed up and hooked the footswitch up while the amp was on and running, found out that's not a good idea...(Fender Super Reverb). Replaced it with an identical one out of a Peavey amp, still working perfect now.

I would worry more about speakers...I carry amps lying down either face up or face down, so when I hit a bump the speaker moves in the same direction it moves when in use and does not bang the voice coil against the housing. I never transport an amp standing up, so the voice coil can be banged around. I think our bass player fried a PA speaker carting it in a trailer standing up. Got to a gig and no PA speaker...not the best time to find out...I've never fried a speaker yet, and I ran the Super Reverb maxed every time I played for around 15 years. Never maxed out the Peavey MX, at 130 watts it's way loud cranked to 7, always carried the Kustom 2x12 cab I used with it face down too, speakers still work perfect after almost 30 years.

I don't worry about reverb units at all, I've carted them around long enough I think I'd know if it was a problem. Think about how many professional bands have carted Twin Reverbs around the world and you've never heard nightmare tales about reverb units going south every couple of months due to rough rides. I'd be more worried about speakers...
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