I'm talking about all these cheap pickups that people rave about (GFS, Dragonfire, Mighty Mite, etc.). I recently learned how to install my own pickups and wiring on my guitars, and I am so into I want to do it more. What I want to do is buy a few of these to try in a couple of my guitars. Both have Mahogany bodies and Rosewood fretboards. Both already have decent neck pickups so I'm just looking for Bridge pickups. One guitar I want a pickup for more of a blues to classic rock sound the other heavy blues to hard rock. Not really looking for a metal sound. I want to keep it under $40 because I'm buying a few. Also I know this question gets asked a lot so if there are any threads you can direct me to that would be great. Look forward to your suggestions. Thanks
Entwistle pickups. lots of choice. Google them. Excellent for the price.
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you gotta give us some mo' info.

what guitars specifically? it makes a difference.

what is 'heavy' blues to you? bonamassa jumps out at me, but maybe not you.
what is hard rock? is it could be van halen or godsmack.

as you can see there is a decent variant with your information, the better you inform us, the better that we can assist you.

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Entwistle pickups. lots of choice. Google them. Excellent for the price.

I've heard good things about those. Also Tonerider, Irongear and Axesrus. But this is me, so I haven't got round to trying any yet
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I can attest to dragonfire products. I have their hot rails, phat screamers, and 81 85 knock offs. And I am pleased with all of them.