Hey guys! How's it going, I'm new here and looking forward to being involved in the community. I do a lot of session work as a guitarist and teach lessons full-time. It never occurred to me to join the forums until now, even though I use the tabs on ultimate guitar on a regular basis.
Anyway, wanted to share a new piece..to see who's digging it, who's not or whatever.

Thanks for your time and have a good one
... and wow, I'm jealous. I wish I had enough students to teach full time. Guess I need to work harder at that.
You've definitely got the chops as a guitarist, but your playing is quite generic and not really creative. I think you have the craft down as a composer too, but I can't say I'm digging the stuff. Not really interesting to my ears. But I guess music is all subjective so I'm sure someone would really like your stuff.
i was gonna trash it but the first minute or so kinda reminded me of f zero so i let it slip
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Please post original recordings in the original recordings forum.

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