Moving from eclipse to Android Studio, build process may seem simplified but you need a good internet connection since it is heavily reliant on gradle. Bah!!

Eclipse may not be as user friendly, but some tasks are so much easier, like exporting runnable jars.

Android studio is only optimized to produce android apks whereas with Eclipse, it is easier to target/deploy apps that runs on both android and desktop machines running JVM.

Too bad Google only endorses Android Studio and no longer updates the ADT plugins to work with Eclipse or IntelliJ.

End of rant. Sorry if you don't understand a single line of what I said.
There may actually exist a forum where you wouldn't have to end this post of yours with a douche bag's apology.
We have a coding thread, we probably have an android thread, and there's also shitloads of forums out there for software engineering talk... yet you decided to make a thread in the off-topic section of a guitar forum, in the hope people would be impressed by your apparent knowledge of a subject they don't care about and haven't bothered to ever learn much about

And this is coming from someone who does enjoy coding.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.