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I overheard a great conversation between a five year old boy (I think he was about five) and his mom while I was on a train yesterday.

"Mommy, what's that?" (points at window)
"That's just some dirt on the window."
"I bet a wiener did that!"
"You think someone used his wiener to do that?"
"Yes. Someone peed, but not in their pants!"

About half an hour later, as we pulled into the station and the two were standing by the doors waiting to get out, I heard the mother warn the boy that he shouldn't push the button to open the doors. The reason being that "the doors might open too soon and people will fall out on the tracks and get run over by trains and die!"
To which the boy responded by giggling and pushing the button again.

Just something I wanted to share with you guys
Sounds like me at that age.
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C'mon Slash we've all known about Kensai's train-fucking habits since '07.
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
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C'mon Slash we've all known about Kensai's train-fucking habits since '07.

Hey man, I strongly believe in the whole "innocent until proven a sexual deviant" thing!
Sounds like a badly raised child.
In other words he sounds like me at that age except i thought those things but didnt say them out loud
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I sat next to a fellow commuter on the train today, who had doritos in a tupperware container. I was pretty jealous.
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