Any nominations?

My favourite compressor (out of at least half a dozen I've tried) is a Boss LMB-3, a bass limiter enhancer. It has controls I understand and like - Threshold and Ratio, it is reasonably transparent re attack and tone, and the Enhancer control works well for brightening up a warm pickup.
The bass Whammy has, in my opinion, better harmony options than the guitar Whammy. The non-harmony modes were much better on the older ones but they are pretty much the same on the 5th Gen models. Harmony is still better, though I do like the 2nd to 3rd on the guitar Whammy for pedal steel sounds.

If I didn't already have a Whammy and wanted to buy one, I'd go with a bass one.
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the bass big muff and bassballs are meant to sound good with guitar but i haven't got as far as trying them yet
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