Just curious, is your guitar setup the way you want it? From here, it sounds really bad. Dead strings, terrible intonation, frett buzzing everywhere. Just wondering if that is your "thing" or are you just plucking around? My intent is not meant to be condensending in any way, it's just I saw no one had responded and when i watched it I was like, OMG - That guitar, i really just wanna fix it~! haha

Looks like you are having fun tho! Keep at it man! But stop caressing the neck, that is hard to watch! haha..
lol that's no problem dude, this is a cheap ass ax I got with points I earned at a gas station lol.
I actually have an American Standard Telecaster which I use 99% of the time and a 1972 Les Paul.
My kid was bugging me about never using that guitar in a video so I figured wtf there;s not a lot of guitar work in that song anyway ..
But yea there is a huge difference between my 2K Telecaster and this 150 dollar piece of junk .. firstly is that you can't play the cheap ass guitar for more than 5 minutes without it going out of tune.
But anyway .. I kinda like that cheap plastic sound every once in a while ..

if you want to hear what my Tele sounds like you can check this out ...
and here's my Les Paul

Thanks for the response and Cheers!