a nihilist drinks with the poison of decrepit hands. when asked the taste of water he says sickly sweet, dipping palms into the well of the innocent and uninfected. with venom he says "nothing such as poison; nothing such as life; if all is poison there is no such thing."

but with the endless thirst there was only the nothing that you deserved. swallow it all whole only to choke and throw it up. it was too clean and the well became empty with bile.

and in the desert, he points at the vomit, appearing desirous. "here is the water, i have found the well!"

The hero, caught in the same desert, will not spit on him; he alone holds the last of the water. Instead, the noble speaks: "You were already here, filth. Your sink had been fortuitous, filled with soap to wash. I will teach you- I would rather eat sand!"

Finally shriveling, his tongue had held everything; the hero lets his iron-clad tablet evaporate into the lighthearted, enthusiastic sun. With silent laughter he drops dead of thirst.
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