I grew up on the East Coast. In DC and NYC it’s typical for a headliner to go on at 9:30pm. Exceptions are late shows on Friday and Saturday, but those are usually a dance party that starts after the rock show is over. Two years ago I moved to Colorado. In Denver it seems to be common for metal headliners to go on at 11:00pm or 11:30pm. These aren’t late show—these are the only show of the night, and the bands are on tour and have to drive to the next stop right after the show.

Is this just a new thing for metal bands everywhere? Or is this just a Denver thing? I don’t understand how bands expect to sell tickets to shows that won’t wrap up until 1:00am or 1:30am on a weeknight (and these late shows aren’t selling out). Even people without kids and jobs tend not to want to drive home right after last call!
Maybe you forgot to adjust your clocks 2 hours back in Denver? You know, so it might be 11pm on the East Coast, but the headliner is coming on at 9pm in Denver?

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I live in Colorado too and they definitely are a little bit later than shows I used to go to in Minneapolis. I think it has a lot to do with audience and location too.
I can only speak for myself, as well as a few others, and I have never played in a metal band.
But I have been in some gigging bands and I have also worked as Software Engineer/Programmer.

Those 2 fields have at least one thing in common, at least in my case and the case of many I have worked with in both fields.

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most shows end at 10:30 latest here. partially due to licensing hours but also because it's too late for most after then since people from out of town will miss the last trains and everyone else needs to get to work the next day.

you might get the odd 11pm finish on a friday or saturday though, and that'll probably be cause there was more than 3 bands to get through.

when I have seen a show go past 11pm, half the crowd has left cause they had to go.

edit: shows will start 6/7pm depending on how many bands are playing/set length and headliners are usually on around 9-9:30pm.

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i went to a childish gambino gig a while back. security guards had to pull teenage girls over the fence to stop them from getting crushed by a weird intense mosh crazy thing
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