Hey guys! How's it going, I'm new here and looking forward to being involved in the community. I do a lot of session work as a guitarist and teach lessons full-time. It never occurred to me to join the forums until now, even though I use the tabs on ultimate guitar on a regular basis.
Anyway, wanted to share a new piece..to see who's digging it, who's not or whatever.


Thanks for your time and have a good one
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Hey Conrad. Welcome to the forums! I had a listen to the track. 1st let me say that type of song is TOTALLY outside of my normal listening box. You wouldn't find anything like that on my playlist. However, I can respect the amount of effort you have put into this and your ear for good tone. The begining of the track was really meandering and really lost me. Then when it got the 1:00 mark roughly it changed pace in a good way. The drum beat was really generic and lacked any life so it was hard to get behind it but then you FINALLY started jamming on the guitar. You are really talented. There was a lead lick around the 1:53ish mark that was a strange scale which caught me off guard. The wah section sounded great! Loved that guitar work.

Overal the mix sounded pretty bland/generic but sounds like you are kinda just experimenting around anyways right? Would love to hear some of your guitar work outside of this genre! haha (Sorry I am not more into this type of tune BUT, figured I could send some feedback)..