Hi Guys,

I am looking for suggestions or advice on how to improve my acoustic guitar sound when plugged into a PA system. Currently I plug my guitar into a DI box which goes to the PA system. The sound is a bit harsh and Changing the settings on my guitars Eq does not seem to make much difference. I want to be able to control the sound myself from the stage rather than depend on the person operating the PA system. I feel the Sound is not full and rich like it should be but rather a bit too tinny and harsh, even after reducing the treble. Should I consider using a acoustic pedal or amp to modulate the sound? Please help!

Thanks in advance
a good DI box should be able to change the sound a lot. i've seen pros playing through DI boxes (lawrence juber, for one) who can completely alter their tone. instead of just reducing the treble, have you turned up the bass and tried playing with other parameters? sometimes fnding the right tone isn't a question of changing one setting - it can take experimentation and mean changing multiple things.

you could get a DI box with more or better controls or add a preamp to your chain, but i've heard rich, beautiful tone coming out of a guitar with nothing but a DI box to the PA. it's possible you need a better or different DI box or better or different guitar or guitar pre-amp. but it's also very possible you just need to mess with different settings.

btw, i have a cheap berringer pre-amp that literally hurts my ears at any and all settings when playing my bass, but i don't have that problem with anything else i run my amp through.
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