The composition was really cool, the playing is skillful, and the production is nice. Great stuff.

My only gripe is that there are a dozen bands that are playing this same style at the moment, and there wasn't really that much here that I hadn't heard before. But that's a minor problem, as this was still really cool.
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Cool and very impressive playing. Kind of short, but I assume it was a part of the competition's requirements (?).

Do you like Guthrie Govan? The fluidity of the playing was rather reminiscent of "his type" of articulations.
Very, very cool. I had the same thought as TLGuitar: could definitely hear Guthrie Govan play something like this. Fantastic guitar skills, great songwriting. I'm not really sure what else to say, I thought it was brilliant and the recording is very clean and clear. Although I do hope you are a little more exciting to watch on stage than in your chair!

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