Hello kind people of the boards,

Could I please borrow the ear of someone much wiser than myself to take a look at this song?

It might well be a mess, but I think I've been working too closely for too long to tell. Even if it's awful I can at least be proud I made it all the way to finished!

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I just realized I never got back to you! The staggering theme is interesting, but at some points it feels like it's falling apart a bit. The rim sounds awesome, reminds me of the rim in Flume's remix of Turning. The clean guitar sounds a bit sloppy and fills up too much of the mix. The distorted guitar at 04:00 is out of tune and is very distracting. I like where you're going with the vocals, but you're holding back too much, it sounds like there is not enough support from your diaphragm or whatever it's called.

Interesting ideas and well executed at times, but lots of sharp edges to be polished. Nice work though.