Hi forum,

im starting to record independently and the material im working at atm is a combination of harmonic riffs, harmonies and bar chords all in distortion, kinda like mid age opeth blackwater park.

and i want to make sure that the material will be at its finest so i need your help to let me know what i can get at the top of my gear, knowing that i have a budget close to 500$ extra that i can spend.

My gear:
Line6 spider valve mkII 212
ibanez RGA42 with Rockfield Black Betty active humbuckers PUs
Roland duo capture Sound Card
Boss ME-70 Guitar Multi Effects

how can i setup up sounds or effect on the effect, and how can i manage to get the best out of the gear that i have at the moment.

any info would really help, thank you all.
Here's a link to what gear Mikael uses, might give you some idea of what to go for:


I'm not familiar with that particular amp, but I'm a little bias against digital/hybrids. If you really want to nail an Opeth-like tone you might want to consider getting a new amp. Maybe one of the ones in that link, or even some other Marshall tube-amp would work well.

If you like your current set-up, I'd advise against using a wet guitar signal (other than gain). For recording it's usually better use the effects once it's recorded. So, you might want to invest some VSTs, or a re-amper to run the recorded guitar back through your effects units keeping the dry tracks as a back-up.

Hope some of that helps, cheers!
Me-70 into the sound card, you can also download some freeware VSTs like Freeamp, LePou and play with these, especially with cab simulations as the Me-70 might need some tweaking so it sounds more realistic.

I'd probably use the ME as distortion, what and some of the preamp effects and leave the ime effects, like delay, reverb and chorus to the DAW, this way you can have more options editing it later.

You can also record guitar dry while monitoring with VST amp sim and loop that signal back for fx through the ME-70, process called "reamping".

There's no right way so whatever rocks your boat.
Do you have a drummer available, plus mics for the kit ect? If not, id invest in a drum vsti like ezdrummer. Id probably invest in a better interface too. Does yours even let you plug xlr in? I would forgo all of your guitar equipment and just plug the guitar direct into the interface and use free vst amps and then use effects in your daw. You'll probably need a bass guitar too.

A lot of what makes a recording sound good isnt just the gear that you use but knowing how to properly record/mix all the instruments, pan, equalize and compress them. You should spend a good deal of time reading up on and watching tutorials for mixing
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