I travel around a lot with my guitar and it always bothers me to take both a guitar and my regular luggage separate. So I came up with an idea to possibly combine the two. I've looked it up and it doesn't exist yet so probably it's not possible :P but still i'd like to hear what you have to say about it.

I would like to find a way to use the empty space inside my acoustic guitar. I'm thinking that if I can somehow make a flap in the wood that can open it like a suitcase, I can just store my things inside. And when I want to play I take it all out and close the flap again. This construction could be either on the back or somewhere on the side.

Of course I realize that this will most likely mess up my guitar. But if there's a possibility i'd like to experiment (I have a few very cheap guitars laying around). First problem I suppose would be that the tension on the wood disappears that is needed to counter the tension of the strings. But perhaps this can be solved by closing the flap with strong clips. Then there would still be enough tension when it is closed.

Also keep in mind that this will be just for a fun travel guitar, nothing serious. Of course the sound quality will diminish, but that's okay if I can have a playable guitar that is also a suitcase!

Please let me know what you think.
If I get you right It might work, your basically going to need to make some latches or clasps that hold the guitar top in place correctly (butterfly clasps like on road cases so they cinch down). You will also need to do some internal bracing.

There is a folding acoustic that has been around for a few years that might also be worth a look
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The VoyageAir guitars are a great solution to your problem.

Your idea is nothing new; they've been trying to figure out how to compact an acoustic for traveling since they've existed. Tossing stuff INSIDE the guitar just beats up the body of the guitar (it's made with thin wood and delicate bracing for a reason), but the VoyageAir actually allows you to fold the guitar *with the strings on* and open it back up again, pretty much in tune!