My band is getting kicked out of our current practice space pretty soon- probably within a month. We live in various towns surrounding a city that is basically just a bigger town, so our professional rehearsal space renting options are pretty limited.
There is a music store that would rent us a space for $200/month- it's well-insulated and we can use some of the gear at the store, so we wouldn't have to bring drums/big amps...maybe not even guitars. The owner is a great guy who's helped us get gigs and stuff. But the store is a bit of a drive from each of our homes, and we could only practice during store hours (they close at 6- we all have classes until 2 or 3).

The other more-traditional option is a place that rents out various sized practice spaces- the only available space they have is a 12x13 box (no windows, but heat and power) for $290 a month. This one we could use as much as we want, whenever we want- its a bit more driving but again, it's open whenever.

Neither of these options are especially appealing, due to the price and the driving required, but our current options ("Hey let's practice in my room with my parents in the next!") suck too.

Does anyone have any ideas for less-traditional practice spaces?
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Best way to practice is to just build ur own rocket and... wait, nvm, wrong kind of space.
Options vary depending a lot on the city you live in so that info may be important. We always looked at a band as a business and never paid for rehearsal space, ever. We would not do $200/mo.

Offer to build out and soundproof someone's garage and be respectful of their property.
Find a rent-by-the-hour studio.
Find a bar that will let you rehearse during off-peak hours.
Learn to rehearse really quietly so you can do it virtually anywhere. (Headphones)
Get approval to rehearse at your school. If you are involved in the music program there, you know people.
Good luck!
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