I have a culminating project for highschool that i want to make a guitar for. The question I have is "Within western electric guitar music, what to most people think is the best tone for a guitar". I know I will not be able to find the holy grail of tones on a teenagers budget, but I wanted an excuse to make a guitar. What I want to ask is, how would i go about figuring out what people think is a good tone? Would i do a bunch of A/B tests where I ask "which one sounds better?"
Or should i Just switch to a different question, such as "how has the guitar influenced western music, and how has western music influenced guitar". A sort of a history paper.
The problem with your initial question is that it's not really sufficiently narrow in scope. Given the exceptionally broad range of "western electric guitar music" there exists no one "best" tone.

Approach it from the other endpoint instead, pick a guitar that you would like to build/emulate, then narrow the scope of your question to a genre that highlights the desirable aspects of said guitar.
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Switch topics. Do "how has DVDA changed western pornography, and how has western pornography changed DVDA?"

You can make a porno and then show it off in class to strengthen your report
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If you want a make a guitar, make a guitar. What tone wood you use doesn't matter, just pick one and go. Maple, there, I did it for you. You can get picky once you actually know how to make a decent guitar.

As far as your first question, it's terrible. It's very subjective and is overly broad.
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just start building a guitar, fail miserably and join the rest of us in "we can't finish our personal projects"
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If you want to build a guitar, just build one. Don't try to fit your interests into your schoolwork, especially when they aren't relevant. I used to do that. It never works out the way you'd expect and you'll regret not choosing a more sensible topic.
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Switch papers. Not only is it ridiculous to get the best tone on a teenager's budget, there is no best toan. There are good toans. There are great toans. But who are we to decide which toan is objectively the best ('to most people' is pretty much the same as objectively)? And would that toan ever be the best for every song? One cannot answer yes with any certainty. The guitar history paper is more sensible. Good luck.
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If you're talking about tone, build an amp.

If you're looking for an excuse to build a guitar, base your assignment around ergonomics.
1.5 years later, I hope he figured out what he wanted to do.
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1.5 years later, I hope he figured out what he wanted to do.

But has either of these guys figured out what to play
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But has either of these guys figured out what to play
in a way that peppers'd be proud of ;|

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1.5 years later, I hope he figured out what he wanted to do.

Probably went with the classic tissue box, paper towel tube, and rubber band design.
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What you need is a new amp
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