I want a new guitar w a whammy bar. Best bridge? How's about an Ibanez w a locking nut?
It really depends on what you are after. A Floyd pretty much never goes out of tune, but can be a bit of a pain in the ass. I personally would prefer having a standard tremolo system instead of a Floyd, but that's just me.

If you want to go crazy with the whammy bar, Floyd is the best choice. You can do pretty much anything and it won't go out of tune (if set up properly). But if the whammy bar is there for slight vibrato and occasional dive bombs, I'm sure a standard style tremolo will get the job done just fine.

I don't know about Ibanez tremolo systems. I have heard people say you should avoid Edge III, though I don't think they equip their guitars with it any more (which I guess is a good thing).

I have also heard that cheap guitars usually come with cheap Floyd Rose style bridges and those should be avoided because they don't last long.
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There are so many different vibrato bridges out there. Since you mentioned Ibanez' Floyds, I'm assuming that's the type of bridge you're looking for. So that's what I'm going to cover.

As a general rule, you get what you pay for with Floyds.

Generally, cheaper guitars come with crappier bridges that while they're very similar in design to the Original Floyd Rose (OFR), they typically don't stay in tune as well, they have less sustain, and things like screw threads tend to strip very easily, which'll force you to have to keep replacing parts on them. All of this is caused by the materials the bridge is made from are just not as skookum. The cheap trems have baseplates that are made from cast zinc, and the knife edges that the bridge pivots on get worn and chewed up. And once that happens, the bridge will never stay in tune again. It's very tedious getting a Floyd Rose-style bridge correctly set up and into tune (especially for noobs) and having to keep having to go through that process over and over again every few minutes because the guitar keeps going out of tune is a royal ballache.

There are so things that you can skimp on a guitar and get away with, but a Floyd just isn't one of them. Because having to live with a guitar that has a cheap Floyd is something you'll grow to hate.

In terms of Ibanez specifically, avoid anything that isn't either an original Edge, Lo Pro Edge, Edge Zero (I've heard these bridges aren't bad), or a ZR.

If the guitar has an Edge III or a Lo TRS, avoid it. Those bridges are garbage.
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Also edge pro is another of the good ibanez ones (not edge pro II). It's made by gotoh like the original edge and lo-pro edge.
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