Hello on ebay I saw a nice tube amp.

Would you buy it? I think it's nice price since this amp was about 2,2k dollars when came out. But how it sound? Maybe someone have some feedbacks?
I like the Trilogy a lot.

With a Strat's SC, the Sparkle circuit in the Clean channel was very responsive and had lots of overtones and punch.

The Crunch channel sounded very good with a Les Paul, very clear even at low volumes and fatter as you push it. The boost works very well for leads.

The Lead channel provides the Brit tone and the ultra Lead is American-voiced, higher gain with more Bass.

H&K amps are nicely-priced in the Used market currently. I'm waiting for a Used TriAmp MK III to become available.
I played in a band with a guy with a Trilogy. It was useable but not inspiring in any way.
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