I have put pickups in this guitar that I know are dead quiet but I still get a loud hum worse than single coil hum. My guitar tech wired it up and it had the hum. I rewired again still hums. I showed the wiring to my guitar tech and he said it looks good, neater than he would do. Checked the bridge ground. These are Dimarzio Rails and they are dead quiet in my other guitars. Any suggestions? Is my guitar Haunted!?
The one thing I did was replace the pickguard and I put tin foil on it and the last pickguard had copper on it. There is this little copper tab coming out from the pickup cavity. Maybe it doesn't ground with the tin foil. That is all I can think of that would be an issue.
Double check the wiring and especially the ground connections. If it's humming it probably has a ground issue somewhere.

Check the bridge ground, make sure the connection on the jack is not reversed, double check ground connections on all pots, check ground connections to the foil shielding, everything you can think of. Double then triple check it. You most likely have a ground missing somewhere.

Also check it with a different guitar cable, different amp and in a different house to eliminate every variable.
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