So, recently a friend looked me up and asked me to record his band. Now the deal is, they want me to play guitar on their EP but also want me to record their bassist and vocalist. They want 6 songs recorded. I only have a one channel interface and guitars and bass wil be re-amped by amp modeling software. In my country, the US dollar is equal to rougly 14 rand. They seem real dependent on me and its easy money to pay off a bit of debt. I would like to work on a per song basis and not hourly. How much should I ask them per song, for me playing guitar (double tracked), recording bass, and recording vocals?
Let me get this straight...on a single channel interface you're planning to track a full band album?
How are you going to capture the drums?

There are some things to consider, like royalties. You can negotiate percentage of song writing credit which might pay off better when the band makes it big. You can also negotiate the performance royalties. Or you can get paid for both of these.

Then you'd have to decide what you want for engineering credit and producer credit as it seems like you're also doing a bit of that. There are point for future sales (1% per CD sold, mechanical royalties, etc.).

So it is kind of complicated. You can possibly look up price of local studios and multiply that by 0.25 and set your price that way.
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Let me get this straight...on a single channel interface you're planning to track a full band album?
How are you going to capture the drums?

Where did he say they wanted him to record drums?

My advice would be against the "per song" deal. Because that leads to an almost infinite amount of "tweaking" and "small modifications" that will wind up eating more time than the recording and mixing itself.

As far as how much to charge, I'd try to find out how much they actually have to spend. It doesn't really matter how much of a great deal you're giving them if they can't afford it. Find out their budget (you can play the friend card "dude you can tell me your budget, I'm your friend, I'm not going to screw you") and if that amount is satisfying, do it. Otherwise don't.

Forget royalties, they're not going to make any money. Even if they make it big, their first order of business will be to re-record their good songs in a real studio (no offense) so having recorded the demo won't net you anything in that case
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Thanks for all the great advice. I'm only recording the DI's from the guitar and bass, of which I will be playing the guitars for them ala session musician. They seem to have another option for vocals. Their budget does not stretch to that of studio prices so that's why they asked me. As they have literally no fan base and I'm pretty sure they won't make it big, royalties is way out of the question. As for playing the guitars on the record, I need a fair amount for the effort. I mean, I literally have to learn almost 4 guitar tracks (each playing different stuff) per song, do leads (not my strong point) double track rhythms and do tight takes. The songs are quite bad and I'll probably have to prevent myself from going totally insane.