Just wanted some thoughts on it as an amp to push a couple of cabinets with a sub signal.

Bear with me before you start throwing Molotov cocktails. It's for a music room at the house, for me and my family.

I have a First Act junior drum kit, a pair of Marshall Silver Jubilee 3005's and a pair of Marshall 3505 Microbass. I also have a pair of Kustom PA50's up on stands. They're powered, and have a line level sub output.

I also have a pair of repackaged Peavey 4x10 columns that I retrofitted as bass cabs, that I leave (one each) at jam spots. I'd like to have a bit more low end for the "PA" for prerecorded music, or keyboards. If I were to bring home the columns, would this amp be awful for this? The cabs aren't subs, yeah, but the PA-50's are either high-passed or have a steep rolloff at 80Hz (I can't remember which, but I remember the frequency *nerd*).

The cabinets modeled strong down to 50Hz (and since I use them as bass cabs, I can say for sure they handle under 80Hz just fine). I guess what I really need to know is if anybody knows if these amps are high-passed anywhere above 30Hz or so, or even at all, or if anyone has used them in an application that has shown limits in the lower frequencies.

Sure, I could just go get a Qsc or something, (and maybe REAL subs) but I don't need to remove stucco; just add lows under a 50 watt, 2x4" per channel PA. Half the gear for the room is Marshall. End tables are empty Marshall cabs, Marshall banner going behind the drums, Marshall fridge... you get the idea.

No BFD if this amp would suck for this, just trying to maintain the theme.