Hey guys!

After covering Pharrell's Happy and David Guetta's Dangerous it's time to present to you an original track; See The Light

Listen to the track here: https://soundcloud.com/timosomers/quest-see-the-light

It will be available on Itunes, Spotify etc. soon.

Timo Somers (Delain) : Vocals, Guitars, Production
Lucas Piquet : Drums
Barend Courbois (Blind Guardian) : Bass

Curious to hear what you guys think!
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Aristides Guitars
Cool track! Not of the style I usually listen to, but I can definitely see such a song getting radio airplay, being not-too-heavy and having this "sweet", anthemic edge to it. It's definitely catchy, and I liked the more rhythmical, somewhat-funky guitar parts! The final section nicely closes the track with the guitar solo and the return to the anthemic sound.

Only thing perhaps is that the drums are a bit flat in sound to my taste.
Catchy and professional. Not really my style, but it works very well for what I think you're aiming for, and could easily hear this on the radio. Great vocal control and fitting instrumentation.

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