In bridge position being mixed with two Fender pickups. In the instructions it says to reverse black and green wires when using Fender pickups with them or they will be out of phase.

In other words solder the black wire to the ground and the green wire to the selector switch.

Okay, fine that's easy to understand.

So here's my question

what do you do with the silver wire, the plain silver wire which normally is attached to the ground with the green wire.

Does that stay the same? In other words do you attach that to the ground when mixing with Fender pickups or do you attach it with the green where the green wire would be going to the pickup selector switch when you're mixing with Fender pickups.

What do you do with the silver plain wire when you are mixing a Seymour Duncan hot rails pickup the bridge position with normal Fender Stratocaster pickups in the middle and neck position?...

I called them and waited for half an hour. So I pressed 2 to leave a voicemail and they said voicemail wasn't available. They said go to Seymour Duncan.com and click on 'community'for immediate help and there was no community to click on. There was forums .

The pickups getting put in today. If I have to I will hook it up wrong, find out it is wrong and then hook it up right.

I've got a 50-50 chance. That silver wire goes to the ground or the switch. One of the two. Can't go to both
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Quote by dspellman
Be sure to replace the single-coil 250 with a 500 pot.

250 is recommended for this one
silvers going to ground ,Im sure ,just wanted to be certain
It failed.

The Seymour Duncan pickup works perfectly, by itself. It's out of phase the middle pickup in spite of reversing green and black wires.

Before soldering I connected up to pick up everything seemed to be fine. Maybe I couldn't tell was out of phase by tapping with a metal object.

My neck pickup stopped working too. Before putting it back together after final soldering I checked and all the pickups were working.

Possibilities that exist

Maybe just taking it out and putting it back in and ignoring the instructions that say reverse green and black wire.

Maybe put the silver wire to the selector switch, it's supposed to go with that wire anyway.

I think I forgot to tape the red and white wires after I soldered them together maybe they are shorting .

Tomorrow's another day.
I would definitely double check your red/white wires and be sure they're connected, and the silver wire will ALWAYS go to the ground, it's the ground wire specifically and only.

Also, I've put in a few hotrails for folks. I've never had a phasing issue, I'd just put the green to the ground and the black to the selector switch like normal and see what your results are.
Start by reversing the wires on the Hot Rails, and see if that puts everything back in phase. I am guessing both coils are working on this pickup- so that would eliminate the red & white shorting something out. I find it hard to test phase by tapping on pickups- I have to assemble the whole thing again, which is a pain.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Quote by yope
250 is recommended for this one

So I've heard. I have a pair of Hot Rails installed in the middle and neck positions on a superstrat (the bridge on mine is a full-width humbucker of undetermined origins). Initial installation was with a 250, but it was quickly replaced with a 500, and that remains. YMMV, of course.
yes just rooster ,Mincer I will try that . be back later with results
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I switched wires back to green to ground and black to positive and it works now. For some reason the neck pickup started working again too.
So let this be a warning to those who are installing a Seymour Duncan hot rails pickup to Fender pickups. Where it says in the instructions you have to reverse green and black to prevent incorrect phasing , don't believe it , don't take it as gospel.

I have switched out a few pickups before and it has always been a minor operation. This time it was a two day ordeal. I had to remove the neck off my guitar so I could put the pick guard back in the second time I had to put it back in. I dropped the neck on the floor and it went out of whack.

Put the whole shebang back together adjusted neck and it seems to be working okay.
Now I have to do the fine tuning make an adjustment here and there from day to day before finally settles in to get as good as it's going to get.
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Sorry to revive this thread but I am waiting on my push-pull pot to arrive in the mail then do this. I have a hot rails bridge and the fat 50s middle and neck. Gonna wire for series/parallel on the bridge.

Should I just ignore the SD recommendation to switch black and green wires? Which is more likely correct?

I don't want to have to put new strings on a 2nd time to fix wiring problems
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