i was just chilling at the church after school like, just now. me and my friends were chilling, and reading some verses, and everything was going GREAT.

anyway, we were drinking holy water. this douche bag with huge ears and JC tattoos and a holybeard came up with his crew and they were asking for a sip. I know this guy personally and he is a total fuck. he has 3 kids and he is only 20 years old. he's been in jail for possession of banned bible scriptures and trespassing and breaking and entering into the church for some late night bible seshs.

anyway things got kinda ugly. he started threatening my friend because he prayed with his ex-girlfriend at a party. I didn't take kindly to this bullshit and stood in his way. he proceeded to choke me out and all my friends came to my rescue. there was a bible brawl, but we outnumbered them and were able to fend them off. we dispersed when we realized there was somebody watching who was talking on the phone watching us, which we presumed was the holy spirit on the other line. This was confirmed when a bishop pulled up beside me when I was walking back to my car and asked me if I knew anything about the brawl (which I denied).

holy fuck the adrenaline rush...
reading this made me cross
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reading this made me cross...my legs

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One doesn't merely sip holy water.
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You don't

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