Hi. My post here is about the world of soloing. To make the story short, I am a well-rounded musician who spent 10 years playing bass in rock, hard rock, and metal bands. I also play guitar at home, around 90-120 minutes per day.

I have a solid band foundation, awesome metronome timing, and more than 200 hours of drum programming experience. I had guitar lessons by a virtuoso guitarist who corrected all my bad picking habits and guided me towards high precision guitar handling.

OK. Now, my question//request. After playing guitar on and off, during the last years, I finally reached the level at which I can TRANSCRIBE almost perfectly 5-6 guitar solos from metal bands. (Mostly ''Death'' - - Chuck Schuldiner)

I NOTICE, that all the lessons I received in the past from my 4 previous guitar teachers were ALL ORIENTED towards technique, handling, and ''landing boxes'' on the fretboard//theory.

***** I ALSO NOTICE, that since I started to transcribe solos with the help of audacity to slow down the music, my VOCABULARY and ACROBATICS on the guitar have improved WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than with the guitar teachers.

I have more imagination, I have more feeling, I bend properly, I use the delay properly, I play with a cleaner fingering.

My question :

As my situation is getting better, Should I invest MOST of my time transcribing solos ?
Or should I instead create a more well-rounded practice routine ?

I need the opinion of people who are doing solos, and are playing for more than 5 years. In my opinion, I never learned to SOLO properly with a teacher. They gave me the technique but absolutely no vocabulary or acrobatics.

What is your view on this ? Thank you.
Id say that is your practice routine. You're getting more and more ear training as well as technique. But Are you just figuring out the solos or the whole songs?
I'm already familiar with the entire songs, I've played at least 17 of Chuck's songs both on guitar and bass (DEATH). I'm analyzing and transcribing the solos the best I can.

I completed the solos from Overactive Imagination, and now tackling Flattening of Emotions and Trapped in a Corner.

I notice that 2 things are missing in my playing when I compare my overall skills to more advanced players : Vocabulary and variety + Acrobatics / different fingering patterns.

I just checked the Guitar Playback website, with the different packages...Rythm Painter from David Wallimann, and also the one called ''30 Rising Rock Licks''.

Everything presented there is definitely more intense and more complete than any guitar lessons I received from the best of my teachers....