So a couple years ago my girlfriends uncle gave me this old unit. He said he got it in the Sears catalogue in '79 I think he said. Now I know they sold Silvertones, but with no markings on it, I'm not sure. I found a website with a whole bunch of old catalogues and went through a bunch but couldn't find a real close match. None that I've found have this huge headstock, as well as all these switches. Any clues?

That's some old Teisco, I think...
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Definitely looks like it looking at other pictures. Can't find anything that has the same set up though.

Also makes sense to be a Teisco because "Japan" is stamped in the neck plate.
really looks like a teisco to me.. 79 seems kinda late for a guitar like that though.
Probably one of a dozen brands made in the Kawai factory under whatever brand a company wanted to stick on it. Kingston liked to put the raised metal cover with the knobs in it, and they used that type whammy bar too. Teisco is possible, but I can't find a 3 pickup model with that headstock. Some of them are listed here


Other brands they made - Kent, Kingston, Kimberly, Tulio, Heit Deluxe and World Teisco, Del Mar...

Another good link


Kawai bought Teisco around 1967, most of the Japanese guitars were made there, and I've see other brands too. Some also had no brand, just generic beginner guitars. Teisco name dropped in 1969.

Here's the Teisco closest to that guitar I've been able to find so far.


Note the different headstock and trim.

I'm thinking that's a late 60's or early 70's model, that's about the time period that style of pickups and whammy bar were used, headstock too. I have the same pickups in black in two Kingston guitars, only enough parts to put one together though. Going to go for the 3 pickup one, have to get some tuners and a bridge. Same whammy bar, but connected in the middle of the string claw housing instead of at the bottom.

You can also look through the guitars on this site and compare markings, features, headstocks, whammy bars, pickups and pickguard designs and see if you can get close.

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Without markings I don’t think you can confirm what it is. These guitars were often made in a factory that bought parts from another, so even if you find something that looks that same, you can’t know that they weren’t both buying the same parts from someone else. It’s a cool guitar tho. And you reminded me that to order tuner bushings so I can finish rebuilding mine!