I'm interested in trying out a treble bleed mod on one of my guitars since I never have enough excuses to dissect my guitars.

I'm really not sure where to start for ordering components. I guitar I want to try it on has seymour duncan pegasus/sentient pickups with the bridge wired split and a neck split switch.

Anyone know where I should start for what size capacitors/resistors to try?
The Kinman treble bleed is usually what seems to be the most popular on forums.

there is a few options but this is the one i like best.
0.001uf capacitor (any voltage or material)
130k 1/4w resistor - any material
both can be bought from tayda2009

there is other capacitance / resistance combinations out there. Stewmac (guitar builder part site) recommends slight different components. Luckily resistors and capacitors are dirt cheap. Do this mod on all volumes.

tips? twist the ends together before soldering them together. applying electric tape or heat shrink avoids shorts. There are plenty of other mods to do with those pickups if you want some ideas send me a private message.
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there is a few widely accepted ways. I guess it's like some guys like floyd roses and others like kahlers both dive or make the notes go sharper but they do the same thing. Stewmac for example uses different values than the kinman one but so far I've had the best luck with the Kinman variant mentioned above.

When I wire guitars up though and it's pretty much bean counting I just use Linear pots (B500k lets say , or B250k) for a smooth 10-1 as I hate that swell. That or try for the vintage les paul style wiring as you can do it on ibanez and so forth.