My name is Evgen. I'm living in Siberia and playing the guitar in some music genres.

Also I like to share my own music and other stuff with people around the world. On that I created this thread.

First I'd like to introduce to you my official video.

Don't forget to leave any comment and tell me your opinions. It's helps me to grow as a Guitar player.

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Don´t get dissapointed by too much comments, people are selfish.
Like a lot the first song , you show a great feeling
Quote by Poaa

Like a lot the first song , you show a great feeling

Thanks a lot, man.
I think people to busy for spend time for any cooments
Hi, there!
I think many from you guys remember great contest which organized by Jamtrackcentral.com.
I had the entry to this contest too and glad that can to remember about it.

So if you were participating in any contest feel free to tell me about your experience. For me it's very interesting.