I am still new to guitar and I find myself loving playing fast quiet simple songs. One I love at the moment is Blur - Song 2 and also Kings of leon - four kicks. Can you guys suggest some bands with similar music would really appreciate it
You might dig a bit of Arctic Monkeys or Bloc Party. They'r kinda off shoots of Blur I guess? Definitely inspired by.
What about some of the UK punk scene? A lot of those bands were big influences on some of the later indie rock bands that you're referring to.

How about:
White Riot - The Clash
Going Underground/That's Entertainment - The Jam
New Rose - The Damned
Ever Fallen In Love - The Buzzcocks

There are so many more than I have listed here (and I'm sure that some other member will slam me for using the 'obvious choices' and not picking some deeper, more apocryphal cuts) but you have to start somewhere.

Failing all that, On Fire - Van Halen.
I wouldn't say simple, but I would say cracking.