Hey. I wrote most of this piece yesterday relatively quickly and today I've finished it - at least the acoustic guitar part. It's not very long, going for just under 3.5 minutes. I have at first intended for it to be a solo guitar piece, somewhat "classical", but now I consider whether I should accompany it with further instrumentation.

Edit: I've eventually added more instrumentation (and made some minor changes to the acoustic guitar part). The updated version is attached.
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Sounds gr8, quite 'modern prog'.

The only other instrument it would need would be a second acoustic guitar doing harmony parts.

...I did some for fun.

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Thanks! I've already thought of some parts that could benefit from a second melody (not exactly 'harmonization'), but I think I would possibly just make a more complete instrumentation, so it would indeed be a bit more prog in sound.

I'm not home at the moment, but I'll have a listen to what you've added later.
I've expanded the instrumentation. It still has no drums at the moment, but I'm contemplating whether I should even add them.

@EpiExplorer I've listened to your suggestion. It had some interesting additions here and there but it's not really what I would have gone for.
not too fond of the part from 68-78. maybe it sounds very different in person, but the second guitar seems unnecessary, and the first just seems awkward. do you actually just pluck each of the strings every 8th note?

also, i feel like the clean and overdrive tracks aren't being used to their full potential. they seem to just be following the 1st acoustic, but simpler. that being said, i do love the clean lead you have on 104, but it just ends too quickly

overall, id say you have a piece with a lot of potential! it just needs some polishing IMO. preferably by incorporating more variety in the other tracks, or shortening certain parts (it gets a tad repetitive at times)
@pAWNlol Thanks for the crit. Well, the part at 68-78 serves as a sharp transition between the happy first half to the somber, more "uncertain" second one. The low E (not all of the strings) goes in 8ths in the first acoustic as it should feel like it's "thumping", moving forward. The second acoustic here serves more as a pedal note that slightly clashes with the rhythm as it play triplets of 8th notes. It obviously sounds somewhat different on GP, but I wonder whether you've listened to it with the RSE on?

The overdriven guitar isn't supposed too go to crazy as its purpose is indeed to empower the lead acoustic. The clean electric does play more closely to the acoustic in the first chord sequence, but I've felt like I needed it there because the sonic transition from the distorted riffing to an all-acoustic chord strumming felt awkward.
that makes a bit more sense. but what's RSE?

also when you get the chance, could you give me some input on any of these 3 songs (or all if youre feeling generous )
Real Sound Engine: that's the more-realistic guitar, bass and drum tones GP 5 has if you've got the package. I've adjusted the volumes to the RSE effects, so if you've listened to it as MIDI it was probably unleveled.

I'll have a listen to your stuff later!