Hey guys,

I'm starting up my own mixing studio and I need some work to start building my portfolio. That is why I will be mixing your songs for free. We can talk in advance (skype of mail) about how you want the mixes to sound. Later on when I get you the songs we can of course tweak things you would like to see (or hear) differently.

I do have some experience mixing music for myself and friends and have been working with an experience mixing engineer for a while, but would like to start my own studio and help you guys out with getting you better sounding mixes.

If you need my services please contact me in the comments below

Hey Tom, wow, that is really nice of you to offer.

Come on over to procollabs.com, there are tons of songs that can use a great mix.
Hey, i'm interested. whats ur mail id?
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The sledge my tool to torture
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