Tab request INTRO moonlight sonata 3rd mov like this video without tapping

Hi Hellow , sory for this its a try
could you maybe tab INTRO for electric guitar this link below ???

INTRO ludwig van beethoven moonlight sonata 3rd movement "GUITAR CLEAN"- Pato Trujillo

Duration INTRO . 00.00.32 seconds is a very short part intro
I dont find this part anywhere , I always find other tabs intro only with tapping very dificult

I always play the cover classical music of :
Vivaldi winter by the band Dark Moor.
Turkish March of Mozart.
And The ninja ( japanese melody) by Cacophony.

But I cant find That intro of Moonlight 3rd movement of Beethoven like in the video. I have all the other melodies from other tab of moonlight. I have learned but this intro is the main melody because it repeats many times.