So I've had my Ibanez Rga 220z for a couple years now and it's been my number one guitar until recently.
It is an edge zero locking tremolo bridge my problem is that the saddle lock screws won't eat into the base, I cannot keep the intonation with an unlocked saddle and even the new screws I bought will not grip the saddle(s) to the base, it gets to a certain point and then the screw will turn refusing to go no deeper.

What can I do? If I take off the bridge aswell as the saddles I think I can drill a hole for bigger screws if it turns out the base screw holes are threaded.
If I brought the bridge or guitar into a music shop like GAK for repair would they he able to repair a floyd rose style bridge?
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The baseplate holes are always threaded on Floyd Rose bridges and you have definitely stripped them. You have two options.

Re-drill larger holes in the baseplate, tap them yourself (not an easy task as the baseplate is most likely hardened.) and enlarge the gaps in the forks of the saddles, so that the new, larger bolts can fit inside them.

Or buy a new baseplate.
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I've decided that I will search around for an edge zero base plate, drilling and making new threads is a bit timely.
Does anyone know of a retailer/site/shop who will sell these base plates?
Also are any of the other base plates from other ibanez tremolo designs that would be compatible?
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