Hello Guys,

I am new on this forum, I am ready to buy a classic electroacustic guitar, I have searched enough about budget, brands, etc. I have years out of the market, I just remember from my early years.. Yamaha, Ibanez and Martin.

But currently considering my budget, I could afford either Fender CD-60 CE , Ibanez AEG10NII Black and Cort ACC15F Nature. What would you recommend among them??? (obviously I am only on nylon category)

I also found Yamaha CX 40 NT, but I think that price gives indication of bad performance.

I could also afford Admira Juanita-CE, Farida* H16 or Yamaha NCX900R N, but I do not know if it really deserves to pay the price difference for these ones. (compared to the Fender, Ibanez and Cort that I listed before).

Please any recommendation is very welcome.