Hi everyone,

I have a seymour duncan JB and Jazz pups that I was going to put into a mahogany body guitar but traded that guitar recently and now I have these pickups sitting around.

I have a Squier John 5 telecaster, which is an Alder body.

I am contemplating putting them into the guitar, but I have read on some forums that the JB and Jazz are too bright for alder and they work better for darker sounding woods like mahogany.

So, has anyone ever put these pups into an alder body guitar? What did you think?

I know I can just try it, but I thought I'd ask for users' feedback before I crack the seal on the unopened pickups.

thanks in advance!
JB Jazz can be a bright set in damn near anything, it will come down to the particular guitar and your preference.

The original JB/Jazz set was made for an alder guitar, and lots of people love JBs in alder strats, so there's no reason not to try the set in an alder guitar unless you already find it too bright.

You won't really know until you put them in the guitar. Worth a try, IMO. You can always pull them out and put them in something else later.
I most emphatically don't believe in obsessing over tone wood effects in solidbodies, but JBs seem to get mixed reviews, so maybe timber has got something to do with it. I didn't like it at all, too much mud, but I can't recall which guitar it was in. I personally would go for something more vintage weight - I've got Jazz neck and bridge in two guitars and I'm happy with them.

I do remember trying the JB with series/single/parallel switching, and it was good in single and parallel mode.
I'm with colin, give it a shot. The JB's a bit weird, I've tried it in alder guitars where I didn't like it, and alder guitars where I did. Maybe the polepieces and heights were tweaked, I dunno, but other than that i don't see why the Jazz wouldn't work in alder either, it doesn't seem that bright to me, but again
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I have the JB/Jazz set in my old Yamaha Pacifica, which is alder. Sounds pretty alright to my ears, but nothing Special. Try it and see, you can allways take them back out again!