I've been working on my rhythm for weeks now and have been given a song with a simpleish riff to play instead or over the top of the chord progression but it contains hammer ons and pull offs.

I understand how they work as a single thing I.e 2h4 or 2p0 but in this context it's 2h4p2p0 -

My question is do I only hit the string on the first 2 or can i hit the string more than once for example on both the 2's?
Yeah legato that bitch. Pick the 2 then, h4p2p0
If you give the 2 a slight bend on the pull off the open string will ring out a bit more. By slight bend, I mean just enough for the string to pull on ur finger tip before you release it.
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Only hit the string ("articulate") once. That kind of figure usually happens at a pretty good speed, so trying to pick in the middle of it would be pretty clumsy.

With the pull offs you want a "snappy" quality to the sound, as if you were actually plucking with your left hand. The slight bend referred to above is accurate, just make sure to release the string before the pitch changes noticeably.
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