Hi lovers of high gain!!

I have recorded one of my riffs (it's really difficult to complete a song!! ) using POD farm plug in and EZdrummer. I have done it more as an mastering/mixing exercise than anything else.

In the video I explained the gear I used and the settings of the POD farm plug in. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions about how I did it, and especially ideas about how to improve it, please tell me!!

Don't stop playing!!


I'm really really digging the bass tone. (I've been recently trying to get a solid bass tone myself). The rhythm guitar tone is pretty solid, a bit gainy for my personal liking, but nonetheless suitable for the feel of the song/riff. My only problem with the mix would be the drums, they sound a little thin. The bass drum could use some more balls. If you were aiming for that dissonant/experimental sound for the drums, then I could understand. As far as the composition, I thought it was pretty cool. It kind of reminds me of the theme for the movie 28 days later for some odd reason.

It's cool to see what somebody can do with a similar setup that I have. I'm playing an Ibanez BTB. And I'm playing the same guitar as you. All running through a POD UX2 into POD Farm. As far as drums, I'm using Superior 2.0.

If you're interested, check out some of my work at https://soundcloud.com/thealianmartiansproject

Specifically the new project I just put out "Troxler's Fading"
tone wise this is really cool! i dig how the guitar came in around half way through, it was sort of like theme music in a way. i would love to hear you give this as full song. You already have the general vibe and cool wactor going for you, just keep rolling with it, let this work snowball for a bit. really cool stuff man!

The bass sound is powerful and reminds me of "Into The Valley" by The Skids, well done man. I agree with onefourn that the drums lack a bit of oomph. EZ drummer is great ( I use it) but it's probably best to record the EZ Drummer output onto a stereo audio track and then apply EQ/compression to it. The guitar sound on this is superb! I want a POD!!!!
Very well recorded and mixed.